Solar-Electric Tram Debuts at the Garden

This week, our new solar-electric tram debuts at the Garden. The tram, designed by The Solar Electric Vehicle Company, runs between the Visitor Center and the Plant Conservation Science Center, and will be in operation through the end of October.

Rainwater Glen with Bob Kirschner

Bob Kirschner tells us how the Rainwater Glen that surrounds the Plant Science Center functions to preserve water quality at the Garden.

Plants of Concern

We went to a virgin prairie remnant in south suburban Chicago and talked with Susanne Masi about the Plants of Concern project. Susanne and her research associates work with a team of dedicated volunteers to monitor the Chicago Wilderness region’s rarest plants, assess trends in their populations, and provide important data used to conserve our rapidly declining floral heritage.

Plants of Concern is coordinated by the Chicago Botanic Garden, having strong partnerships with local, state, federal and non-profit agencies. Currently, this project is funded through a grant program supported by the USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area, State and Private Forestry, and the US Fish & Wildlife Service, in support of Chicago Wilderness. USFWS and USFS grants of federal monies are administered by the Illinois Conservation Foundation & Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie–USDA Forest Service.

On the Beach with Pitcher’s Thistle

Conservation scientist Jeremie Fant tells us about his attempt to restore Pitcher’s thistle to its native habitat. He and his team are studying the plant and its DNA to learn more about rare plant restoration and how to make it more successful.