How to Plant a Hanging Basket

Tim Pollak, outdoor floriculturist, shows us how to plant a side-planted moss-lined hanging basket for shade to enjoy this summer. You can find plants for your hanging basket at A Bloomin’ Festival on May 14-16 or you can buy them already planted at the sale. Visit for more information.

The Green Roof Garden’s First Spring

Emily Shelton shows us around the North Green Roof Garden and explains why we think the plants survived the winter so well.

65 Ways to Plant Troughs in the Heritage Garden

Tom Soulsby tells us about the plants that went into each of the 65 troughs in the Heritage Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden. He also shows us how to protect cool season annuals from frost since they still don’t like freezing temperatures (much like us!)

Pruning Climbing Roses

Heather Sherwood shows you how to prune climbing roses so you have a glorious display this summer. We covered our climbing roses in 18 inches of mulch and wrapped them in burlap for the winter. It’s important to uncover them and remove dead material when the temperatures get warm in spring.

Pruning Roses in Spring

Heather Sherwood shows you how to prune your roses in spring. We cover our roses with 18 inches of mulch in winter to protect them from the harsh weather. It’s important to uncover them when the temperatures warm and do some spring pruning to get them ready for a glorious summer!