Why do you visit the Chicago Botanic Garden?

There are so many reasons to visit the Chicago Botanic Garden. Whether you are seeking evening musical entertainment, a quiet morning walk or a great location for a family reunion, you will find a time and place to enjoy the Garden.

Project BudBurst Asks You to Observe Plants

Jennifer Schwarz Ballard explains how anyone can help scientists track climate change by getting out and observing plants. We want people all around the United States to periodically observe the plants around you and contribute data to Project BudBurst. For more information on Project BudBurst, visit www.BudBurst.org.

Century Plant Blooming in Arid Greenhouse

Blooming a little more frequently than its name suggests, Century Plant (Agave Americana) is in bloom in the Arid Greenhouse. Come see it in person!

Green Youth Farm Cooks Lunch

Students from the Green Youth Farm in North Chicago prepare lunch in the kitchen in the Regenstein Fruit & Vegetable Garden. Each Tuesday, a crew from the farm in North Chicago or the farm in North Lawndale prepare lunch for both farms to enjoy in a picnic shelter near the farm in North Chicago. In addition to learning how to grow, harvest and sell the produce on the farm, the students learn how to cook and eat food with fresh ingredients. For more information and recipes, visit chicagobotanic.org/greenyouthfarm/recipes.