Tru Blooms Chicago Preview

A city with the motto “Urbs in Horto” (Latin for “City in a Garden”) deserves a signature fragrance: Tru Blooms Chicago debuts this fall as our fair city’s first-ever fine perfume. Today, the Chicago Botanic Garden held a preview of the fragrance and we personally enjoyed the lovely floral scent. Here’s why it’s a standout: it’s made with flowers grown in urban gardens throughout the Chicago area. Continue reading Tru Blooms Chicago Preview

Giant Snowflakes Fall on the Garden

On Thursday, February 23, the Chicago Botanic Garden witnessed an amazing snowfall and captured it on video. Continue reading Giant Snowflakes Fall on the Garden

Vote for the Rose Garden!

The Chicago Botanic Garden’s Rose Garden could be America’s Best Rose Garden! Vote before July 1 at Continue reading Vote for the Rose Garden!

Solar-Electric Tram Debuts at the Garden

This week, our new solar-electric tram debuts at the Garden. The tram, designed by The Solar Electric Vehicle Company, runs between the Visitor Center and the Plant Conservation Science Center, and will be in operation through the end of October.