Creating 10,000 Square Feet of Wonderland Express

We’re taking you behind the scenes to see what it takes to put together the 10,000-square-foot Wonderland Express exhibition. Crews were cleaning up and repairing the Chicago landmark buildings before they’re placed in the exhibition. Watch to see this year’s new features and learn about their natural building materials.

Wonderland Express Outdoor Lights

We stopped by to see the installation of a 40-foot tree on the Esplanade and talked to Cindy Baker about how staff create the stunning outdoor light display for Wonderland Express. Learn how to wrap conifers and deciduous trees with lights to highlight the different branching structure.

Growing a Scientist: Kay Havens talks about her work at the Garden

Being given her own garden at age 9 grew Kay Havens’ desire to become a Botanist and Plant Conservationist. This video is part of our video series highlighting the scientists working at the Garden. View more of our scientists working (and on video) at the new Rice Plant Conservation Science Center.

Solar-Electric Tram Debuts at the Garden

This week, our new solar-electric tram debuts at the Garden. The tram, designed by The Solar Electric Vehicle Company, runs between the Visitor Center and the Plant Conservation Science Center, and will be in operation through the end of October.

Rainwater Glen with Bob Kirschner

Bob Kirschner tells us how the Rainwater Glen that surrounds the Plant Science Center functions to preserve water quality at the Garden.