The Green Roof Garden’s First Spring

Emily Shelton shows us around the North Green Roof Garden and explains why we think the plants survived the winter so well.

Green Roof Garden plants in waiting…

Flats of plants that will soon be planted in the Green Roof GardenIt’s finally going to happen!  Check out the many varieties of plants that will soon be planted in the Green Roof Garden. They are patiently waiting in the shade of mature trees near the building until important monitoring equipment arrives. The Green Roof Garden will be a living laboratory outfitted with equipment to monitor moisture levels in the growing media, wind velocity and light levels as well as temperatures in the air, in the various layers of the plantings, and inside the building.

We need this equipment so scientists can monitor the insulation benefits of green roofs as well as plant health, aesthetics, and survivorship of plants in various depths of growing medium. The data we collect will help us recommend plants that are low-maintenance, absorb rainfall (lessening runoff into storm sewers) and keep the building below warm in winter and cool in the summer (lessening energy use), while providing an aesthetic retreat.

Keep posted for the arrival of the equipment and the planting!

Constructing a Green Roof Garden Bed

Emily Shelton, who is the horticulturist for the Green Roof Garden, talks about the installation process of the green roof garden beds. Crews are still preparing the planting beds, but will be planting next week! Here we learn about the different layers of materials used to build the beds.