Spring is Underway in Production Greenhouses

Though it’s still winter outside, Tim Pollak, Outdoor Floriculturist, and his team in the Production Greenhouses are getting ready for spring on the inside. Tim takes us on a tour of the Production Greenhouses to show us what they are growing for spring this year. All year round, his staff and volunteers work to grow many of the annuals that are later planted in the display gardens at the Chicago Botanic Garden. See what it takes to grow all of those plants!

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Julie McCaffrey

Julie McCaffrey is media relations manager at the Chicago Botanic Garden and is responsible for promoting the Garden's programs and events through traditional and social media. Julie holds a B.A. in English from Northern Illinois University and an M.S. in Communications from Northwestern University.

2 thoughts on “Spring is Underway in Production Greenhouses”

  1. GORGEOUS! How wonderful to see the preparations for spring on such a cold day. Would love to know why you thin the seedlings — exactly what are you removing and for what effect. Maybe in your next video post.

    1. Thanks Donna! We aim to have one viable plant in each cell of the flat. Because not each seed will germinate, we overseed each cell by about 25%. Once they have sprouted, we remove extra seedlings to ensure the strongest plant has space to grow to the next stage of transplanting. Hope that helps!

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