Victoria Waterlily Turns from Female to Male

Tom Soulsby tells us some interesting facts about the Victoria waterlily which is in bloom right now in the Heritage Garden at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Visit for more information about what’s in bloom now.

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Julie McCaffrey

Julie McCaffrey is media relations manager at the Chicago Botanic Garden and is responsible for promoting the Garden's programs and events through traditional and social media. Julie holds a B.A. in English from Northern Illinois University and an M.S. in Communications from Northwestern University.

3 thoughts on “Victoria Waterlily Turns from Female to Male”

  1. Spectacular! The dew on the soft white petals giving the allure and intrigue, as it is in direct contrast to the thorns hiding underneath. Thank you Tom Soulsby for making this happen this year and for your time yesterday.

  2. Another great post, thanks for the write up! Have a great day and cant wait to see future posts

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