PHOTO: Groundhog puppet smiles for the camera.

Botanical Bill & the Hunt for the Perfect Burrow

When last we saw Botanical Bill, our resident groundhog mascot, he was having a big adventure right before Groundhog Day. Since then, Botanical Bill has had a great summer—he spent it with his Marmota monax family in a burrow at the edge of McDonald Woods. 

Groundhogs (also called woodchucks) usually hibernate from October to March, but Botanical Bill is getting a late start this year, since the mild autumn weather lasted so long. Now he’s got the urge to hibernate—and to look for a winter burrow in which to enjoy a nice long nap.

Turns out it’s not so easy to find a place that’s just right…

PHOTO: Botanical Bill puppet at a large tree trunk.
This looked promising, but it’s just too big.


PHOTO: Botanical Bill at a small tree opening.
Nope, too small


PHOTO: Botanical Bill in a tree.
Too high


PHOTO: Botanical Bill looking over edge of a trunk.
Too open


PHOTO: Botanical Bill looking at a rotted trunk.
Too shallow


PHOTO: Botanical Bill in a tight spot.
Too tiiight!


PHOTO: Botanical Bill wedged in a tree cross section.
Botanical Bill’s idea of whistle pig heaven…


PHOTO: Botanical Bill looking into a tree trunk's hole.
Botanical Bill is reminded of the front door of his burrow…


PHOTO: Botanical Bill "yawning."
Yawwwnnnn…feeling ready to hibernate. Maybe he’ll just head back to the burrow.

Home, sweet home! C U Feb. 2!

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