The Victory Garden

The Victory Garden is gaining ground again, 70 years after redefining gardening in America. Check out our infographic to learn more.
An infographic about Victory Gardens

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The Graphic Gardeners

Karen + Maria specialize in Words + Pictures. Maria Ciaccio thinks visually, and has a gift for turning any photo, illustration, strategy, or germ of an idea into a gorgeous graphic. She is an art major who enjoys creating hyper-realistic portraits, and a beginning gardener. Karen Zaworski thinks verbally, and loves the challenge of explaining big concepts in as few words as possible. She is an English major with preternaturally neat printing, and a front yard vegetable gardener.

3 thoughts on “The Victory Garden”

  1. I love history and was so happy to see more info on these gardens, which were used before I was born. I am also glad to hear that there is movement to have community gardens, using vacant lots in neighborhoods or plots at schools. The Victory Garden is, in a way, being reborn and will be used to feed people in places where fresh produce is often hard to find.

  2. Hope to see these make a comeback…I called ours the Front Yard Garden…after I put it up, many more went up in the neighborhood. I put the garden in because my spouse wanted to mow as little as possible and the 75 year old trees in the backyard grew just enough to throw the once prolific garden into shade.

    Unfortunately, nowadays, many people are banned from gardening their own front yards in many cities and subdivisions, so I fear many children will never know where there food comes from or will never get a chance to learn how to garden from their parents.

    We are leaving home ownership behind as the dream is just that. (Okay, so it is a nightmare. )But, I gardened here for six years and if anyone gave me grief I told them it is how we afford the property tax. At any rate, it only took one year to turn the front yard garden back to lawn. Pretty amazing. And, of course, the grass where the front yard garden was looks wonderful. LOL Can’t wait to start the garden at the new place, I’ve already cleared it with the landlord.

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