ILLUSTRATION: Owl in winter.

Winter Infographic

Think plants look brown and dead in winter? There’s plenty of life still going on beneath the surface!

ILLUSTRATION: An infographic about winter.

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The Graphic Gardeners

Karen + Maria specialize in Words + Pictures. Maria Ciaccio thinks visually, and has a gift for turning any photo, illustration, strategy, or germ of an idea into a gorgeous graphic. She is an art major who enjoys creating hyper-realistic portraits, and a beginning gardener. Karen Zaworski thinks verbally, and loves the challenge of explaining big concepts in as few words as possible. She is an English major with preternaturally neat printing, and a front yard vegetable gardener.

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  1. I’ve just begun reading the infographics that are available periodically. I find each one full of color & the easy to read graphics are quite fascinating, also covering a lot of information, some that is new to me. I can also sign up for a workshop. Love it!!

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