Build a DIY Native Bee Home

Pollinators are crucial to the health of the planet, helping with everything from the food we eat to the cycle of life. At the free Unearth Science festival this weekend, the Chicago Botanic Garden will celebrate pollinators with activities including a workshop on making native bee homes. We’ve got a sneak peek for you below. … Continue reading Build a DIY Native Bee Home

Three easy, harvest-inspired Thanksgiving centerpieces

With just a bit of effort, you can make your holiday table warm and inviting—and a worthy backdrop for your meal. Nancy Clifton, former program specialist at the Chicago Botanic Garden, shared some easy, crafty ideas harvest-inspired centerpieces. A Festive Look Here’s how you can make Thanksgiving-themed floral centerpieces like a pro: Pick flowers in … Continue reading Three easy, harvest-inspired Thanksgiving centerpieces

Do-It-Yourself Seed Balls

Spring is seed season—and a good time to think about gifting seeds to gardeners, friends, and green-thumbed moms (think Mother’s Day, May 8). Musing about how to share some of the seeds that she gathered at February’s Seed Swap, horticulturist Nancy Clifton got interested in the guerrilla gardening-inspired idea of “seed balls” (or seed bombs, … Continue reading Do-It-Yourself Seed Balls

D.I.Y. Mustards

What’s the oldest thing in your refrigerator? Chances are that it’s the almost-but-not-quite-empty jar of mustard. Conditioned by decades of backyard barbecues, brightly colored squeeze bottles, and grab-’em-by-the-handful packets, Americans are at last tuning in to the taste of homemade condiments. The time has come for homemade mustard—and you won’t believe how easy and tasty it … Continue reading D.I.Y. Mustards

Leave Room for Blooms

Have you eaten a flower today? Americans are getting comfortable with the idea of edible flowers. But how—aside from sugar-candied flowers for bakers—do you use them? We asked horticulturist Nancy Clifton, who brought five really fresh ideas to the table. 1. A modern salad: greens + color Gone are the days of a plain side salad on … Continue reading Leave Room for Blooms